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    Elite Blasting Services, LLC (EBS) is an independent explosives distributor and service company. EBS was formed in the 4th quarter of 2015. EBS is owned by Rex “Scooter” Guill (Managing Member), Stewart Percy (Member), Robbins “Doodle” Guill (Member), Rodney Phillips (Member), and James “Butch” Beaver (Member). The owners have 180 years of experience combined. The primary activities of the business are (1) the distribution of explosives to ATF licensed construction and quarry customers and (2) offering shot service to the construction and quarry markets.

    Stage of Development

    EBS has grown from a 2-employee startup to a 40-employee team. Our equipment consists of 10 bulk trucks that are mainly used in the quarry market and some larger construction jobs, as well as 12 straight trucks that deliver and service the construction markets. EBS is currently doing business in NC, SC, VA, TN, KY, GA and AL.

    Corporate Mission

    It is EBS’s mission to be a profitable Southeastern US independent explosives distributor and shot service company that provides the best technical service as well as the best products. A major benefit of being an independent explosives distributor is EBS has the ability to hand pick the best products from any of the major manufacturers.